Door Glass

We have offer you with high quality door glasses that provide daylight and a clear view.

There are three types of glass for you to choose according to your need.

  • Double-pane Low-E insulated glass that blocks ultraviolet light while allow natural light to enter the room.(5mm+6mm+5mm =16mm thickness).
  • Three-pane laminated glass that blocks 99 % the UV-light transmission and resist harsh weather conditions,such as hurricanes(5mm+5mm+10mm+5mm =25mm thickness).
  • Double-pane insulated glass,the most widely used in residential window application.(5mm+6mm+5mm =16mm thickness).

Besides,there are four glass types to accommodate difference privacy level need and act as a decorative element in the home.


Clear Glass

A transparent glass which allow maximum clarity and light.


Aquatex Glass

It has a slight ripple pattern,providing maximum privacy without sacrificing the natural light. A best alternative to frosted glass.


Rain Glass 

A Glass that resemble raindrops pour down the glass.It serve the decorative purposes, as well as offers a medium amount of privacy and light.


Water Cubic Glass 

It has a water cube patterns which will distort anything behind the door,making it good for privacy purpose.The natural light can also come through the glass.