Insights into Tailored Doors Configuration

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IWD IronWroghtDoors-steel-double-door-configuration-scrollwork-detailed-viewIWD IronWroghtDoors-steel-double-french-door-configuration-front-back-viewIWD IronWroghtDoors-steel-double-french-door-configuration-front-detailed-view


The handleset is typically used to control a door, allowing it to be grasped or pulled. The active door panel has a functional (active) lock, while the inactive door panel has a dummy lock that serves a decorative purpose only. A deadbolt can be used to lock the door for security.
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Typically located at the contact point between the door frame and the door panel. The hinges provide structural stability and acilitate smooth operation.

Two installations

✨Mounting Tab:Located on the door frame, secured and supporting the door with screws.
✨Pre-bored holes: Prepare holes on the jamb in advance to fix and support the door by screws

T-astragal/Door Stop

It's fixed on the inactive door to block airflow and enhance sealing.

Flush Bolt

It will add a stability and security to the door, typically installed at the top and bottom of the inactive door panel.

Door Sweep

Located at the bottom of the door panels, it keeps cold air, drafts, dust and insects out of the room while also improving the overall seal of the door.

Weather Stripping

 Surround the door and serve as soundproofing and sealing.

Roller Catch

To prevent the door from damaging its structure due to excessive force when closing or opening.

Welded Threshold

Acts as a seal to prevent penetration of water, air or dust.
✨Outswing: Needed with a flat threshold for easy access.
✨Inswing: Designed with a sloped angle to provide waterproofing and sealing.

Window Lock

Used to secure active windows and ensure they are sealed to prevent air, water, and dust from entering the interior.


Divided into fixed windows and active windows. Active windows can provide ventilation, enhancing overall comfort in the space. They are typically equipped with screens to prevent insects from entering.

Smart Lock

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Handmade forge, any idea can be customized. Let us know if you have a particular vision in mind. IWD will work closely with you to create a unique and personalized item.