Choose an Iron Door or a Wooden Door?

by Lilian From IWD Iron Wrought Doors

If you are building a new house or renovating your house, you are may hesitating to choose an iron door or a wooden one. Though both types of doors have their pros and cons, iron doors especially iron french doors are becoming more and more popular among house owners, constructors, and home designers.


A wooden door brings a sense of nature into your home. The texture of thick wood adds a kind of wild and original beauty to your house. But a handcrafted iron door can achieve endless design possibilities on scrollwork. You can customize iron flowery patterns, simple and neat lines, or luxury designs. It provides wide and flexible choices. That is the charm an iron door craftsmanship brings.


IWD Iron Wrought Doors Neat Design Iron French Doors Full Clear Glass


In modern society, people pursue a more environmentally friendly life way. A big thick wooded door means an old tree disappeared and the utilization rate is low. But the iron door is more energy efficient because they are foam insulated to keep your home at your preferred temperature. Choosing an iron door instead of a wooden door can reduce the trees being cutting down.


Wooden doors require frequent maintenance since wood may swell and rot due to moisture over time. You need to pay much attention and higher cost on maintenance. Also, a wooden door is always kind of expensive. While for iron doors, it just requires very little maintenance. Unlike wood, metal doesn’t rot, split or swell. Most iron entry doors are zinc galvanized and coated with a clear lacquer to protect them from rust and corrosion. The traditional approach is to wipe the door with a cloth dipped in gentle soap and then wiped it off with a lint-free cloth. That is very easy to handle and cost-effective.


The iron door is made of very solid metal which provides a high sense of security. Moreover, for those places which are suffering from extreme weather seasonally, an iron door with three-pane laminated glass can resist harsh weather conditions. Iron wrought doors are always equipped with interior glass panels that open independently from the doors. You can open the window of the door and air will come through. You can also insert screens between the door frame and operable glass, acting as a barrier to keep bugs out of the house and let fresh air in. Thus we can see the design of an iron door is more flexible and practical than that of a wooden door.


People would like to close the door but don’t want the room in a dark. An iron door can well achieve it. The glass allows maximum light in and keeps your privacy. An iron french door makes its best performance on such requirement. That is an ideal choice for those who like to stay at home and minimize social but can still enjoy the bright light.

IWD Iron Wrought Doors Black Frame Full Glass Wrought Iron French Doors


With endless design, energy efficiency, low maintenance, flexible usage, and security features, an iron door is a wise choice for your house in the long run. If you are looking for a good-quality handcrafted iron entry door, IWD IronWroughtDoors is always here. With affordable price, fine workmanship, custom service, IWD provides what you want.

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