You May Want To Know

What Is The Material Of Your Door?

We use high-quality 12 gauge steel with solid iron bars to produce our products, which means that you are guaranteed many years of use.

Do You Have Doors To Resist The Cold Winter?

Yes, all our standard iron doors are insulted for energy efficiency and we also offer Thermal Break Doors that can withstand extremely harsh winter weather.

Are Your Doors Up To Florida /Other State Code? Are Your Doors Rated For Florida /Other States?

We haven't received requests to meet Florida CODE before. But we have sold many residential doors to our Florida customers and products work well.

Does The Door Meet Hurricane Codes?

We indeed have hurricane-proof glass, and we didn’t encounter any quality issue before even if we don’t test it in the lab and get a certificate. 

Do You Have A Showroom?

We are sorry we don't have a showroom. We are a manufacturer and only sell products online.

Do You Have In-Stock Doors?

All our iron doors are made to order and we don't have any doors in stock. But our prices are also very competitive.

Can I Get Custom Doors Made To Look Like A Design I've Seen Online?

With years of experience in customized iron doors, we have the capacity to custom-build them to best match your personal taste. We will provide customized links and CAD drawings for your reference. Please click "Contact us" on the navigation bar and provide us with the details of your project. You can send an email to us. Our email address:

Can I See What My Product Looks Like Before Production?

Absolutely! We will send you a CAD drawing approval to ensure that you are satisfied with the design.

How Do I Decide The Size Of The Door? / How Should The Door Fit?

When ordering the door, please make sure that the rough opening should be at least 1.5 inches wider and 1 inch taller than the door frame. Read our Measuring Guide to get your correct sizes. 

Can I Get A Iron Sample Sheet Before I Buy?

Yes, please click the Iron Sample section on the main menu, and then you can get a sample pack that includes 5 different finishes.

What kind of handle is recommended for the wrought iron pivot door?

The handle and deadbolt are the perfect, the styles without locking mechanism is better option.