THERMAL BREAK is material of low thermal conductivity, creating a thermal break between the door's conductive materials. This barrier helps to reduce heat conduction through the metal door framing.


The operating principle of a thermal break is to isolate the outside frame from the inside frame so that outdoor conditions will not affect the indoor temperature. It is like a barrier set inside a door frame. A thermal break is accomplished when a material of low thermal conductivity is placed between the two halves of the metal frame to stop energy transfer. This reduces heat conduction through the door’s metal framing and achieves energy efficiency.


Comfort Year Round

Cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Energy Efficiency

Save on utility costs & electricity bills.

Reduction in Noise

Sound Dampened through a heavy-duty iron door with dual-pane glass injected with argon gas.

Reduced Condensation

Reduce the incidence of condensation on iron doors.
P.S.: Condensation may still happen if the temperature difference is huge between the outdoor and indoor, even if it is a thermal break door. It is a normal physical phenomenon.

Flexibility in Design

All wrought iron doors & steel glass doors can be equipped with THERMAL BREAK. Endless designs & full customization.

Resale value

Thermal break iron doors add incredible value for home buyers. Smart investment.


<<<  Cross section of a thermal break iron door


ABS insulating barrier in the middle of the door and frame. So the door panel is slightly thicker than that of the normal door.



We fill Argon Gas in our dual-pane or triple-pane tempered glass for our thermal break iron doors for better insulation. Argon is a kind of inert gas that does not conduct heat as well as air, so it's an excellent insulator. Argon gas filling can also be a means of reducing sound transfer through an insulating glass unit to improve privacy protection.

For thermal break doors, we also suggest Low-E coating on the glass. It helps block infrared light from penetrating the glass from the outside. In addition, Low-E helps keep your heating/cooling energy. Low-E argon insulating glass is an ideal option for thermal break iron doors.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Door To Thermally Broken?

A thermal break door is much more expensive. You may wonder if it is necessary to pay an additional cost for the upgrade. All our standard iron doors are insulated for energy efficiency basically. A thermal break door provides better insulation to withstand harsh winters or hot summers. It is very popular among our New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, etc.-based customers. If the weather of the place where you live is neither too cold nor too hot, standard iron doors are workable if you have a limited budget.
Notes: The occurrence of condensation issues cannot be avoided in cases where there is a significant temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments, even when using a thermal break door. We don't consider it a defective product.

Exceptional Quality & Exclusive Price


Customize your personalized design thermal break iron door with multiple choices on size, finish, glass, sidelight, and transom design.