interior french barn double door with square top and black frame

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    Elevate your interior design with a timeless piece that speaks volumes about your style and taste. IWD custom steel barn doors not only serve as functional entryways but also as works of art that reflect your unique style and personality. Handcrafted with any size, finish, or glass design. 


    Dimension measurement: The width of the door multiplied by two minus 2.36 "is the track length of the barn door, and the actual width of the door is 2" larger than the opening size of the door.

    Door Size: 24"x80", 24"x84", 24"x96", 30"x80", 30"x84", 30"x96", 36"x80", 36"x84", 36"x96", 38"x80", 38"x84", 38"x96", 40"x80", 40"x84", 40"x96", 42"x80", 42"x84", 42"x96", 46"x80", 46"x84", 46"x96",48"x80", 48"x84", 48"x96".

    Lite Options: 1 Lite Glass Panel, 3 Lite Glass Panel, 4 Lite Glass Panel, 5 Lite Glass Panel, 6 Lite Glass Panel, 8 Lite Glass Panel, 10 Lite Glass Panel, 15 Lite Glass Panel.

    Custom Service: Your own designs and sizes are achievable. Contact us to get a free quote.
    Lead Time: 15-18 weeks since drawing approved date. Free shipping to the continental U.S.
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    10 products
    custom iron barn double door with square top and 15-lite glass pane
    popular-iron-door-colors-matte-black-oil-rubbed bronze-rusty-red-silver-pewter-and-white
    IWD Custom Handcrafted French Barn Double Door with 15-Lite Glass Pane CID-BN008
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