Door Finish Options

iron sample matte black | ironwroughtdoors
wrought iron door matte black

Matte Black

Matte Black has a smooth and flat black surface. A timeless and classic option.

iron sample Rusty Red | ironwroughtdoors
wrought iron double door rusty red

Rusty Red

It is characterized by its rust-look and very fine parallel scratch lines.

iron sample oil rubbed bronze | ironwroughtdoors
wrought iron front door oil rubbed bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze

This smooth finish has a brown color with a matte appearance. Our most popular color option.

iron sample white | ironwroughtdoors
wrought iron entry door white


New added color! White adds a pure and peaceful tone to your house.

iron sample silver pewter | ironwroughtdoors
wrought iron door silver pewter

Silver Pewter

This finish features gray color and very fine parallel brushed silver lines.

New Custom Finishes

iron sample gold bronze punch | ironwroughtdoors

Gold Bronze Punch

iron sample rose copper | ironwroughtdoors

Rose Copper

iron sample aged bronze | ironwroughtdoors

Aged Bronze

iron sample brassy | ironwroughtdoors


iron sample aged pewter | ironwroughtdoors

Aged Pewter

iron sample aeneous | ironwroughtdoors


iron sample glod blush | ironwroughtdoors

Gold Blush

iron sample king golden | ironwroughtdoors

King Golden

Custom Colorful Vibrant Finishes (RAL Colors)


Lemon Yellow


Signal Red


Light Blue


Turquoise Green


Antique Pink

Distinctive Tones, Your Personalized Palette


Door Glass Options

iron door with clear glass | ironwroughtdoors

Clear Glass

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Clear glass is a transparent glass that allows maximum clarity and light.

iron door with aquatex glass | ironwroughtdoors

Aquatex Glass

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Aquatex glass has a slight ripple pattern, providing maximum privacy without sacrificing the natural light.

iron door with rain glass | ironwroughtdoors

Rain Glass

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Rain Glass resembles raindrops pouring down the window glass for decorative and privacy purposes.

iron door with water cubic glass | ironwroughtdoors

Water Cubic Glass

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Water Cubic glass has water cube patterns to protect privacy by distorting anything behind the door.

iron door with rainbow glass | ironwroughtdoors

Rainbow Glass (Reed Glass)

iron door with pebble glass | ironwroughtdoors

Pebble Glass

iron door with frosted glass | ironwroughtdoors

Frosted Glass

iron door with tea glass | ironwroughtdoors

Tea-colored Glass


Low-e & Tinted Glass

When the colorful coating/Low-E coating is applied to the patterned glass like Rain/ Aquatex/Water Cubic Glass etc. during the production, it can create a mirrored privacy film that prevents people from seeing through it during the daytime.
Tinted Clear Glass/Clear Low-e Glass can reduce solar heat and UV transmission but you can still see through the glass.

Gray Tinted Glass

Gray Tinted Glass

Blue Tinted Glass

Green Tinted Glass

Glass Type

Double-pane Glass

Double-pane insulated glass, the most widely used in residential window applications.(5mm+6mm+5mm =16mm thickness).

Low-E Glass

Low-E insulated glass that blocks ultraviolet light while allowing natural light to enter the room.(5mm+6mm+5mm =16mm thickness).

Three-pane Glass (Hurricane-proof)

Three-pane laminated glass that blocks 99 % of the UV-light transmission and resists harsh weather conditions. (5mm+5mm+10mm+5mm =25mm thickness).

Door Top


Square Top

Door tops with their straight lines never go out of style and can suit all styles of properties.


Arched Top

The slightly arched top softens the look of a door and adds character and beauty to the door opening.


Round Top

A round top is also called a radius-top, as it does complete a full half-circle on top of the door.


Square Top Arched Inside

It is a great combination of a square top and an arched top. It makes the door looks eye-catching and gives its timeless beauty.


Square Top Round Inside

It is a great combination of square top and rounded top, making the door looks eye-catching and giving its timeless beauty.

Door Transom


Square Transom

The square transom is a commonly used option that blends well with most traditional doors.


Arched Transom

The arched transom has a subtle arch and can be considered as a variant of the round transom.


Round Transom

The round transom can provide soft atmospherics to your house and add character to the look of the doors.

Rustic Style Handle & Lock Set Options

Decorative Wrought Iron Handle (Puller Function, No Latch Bolt) & Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Simplistic Style Handle & Lock Set Options

Sleek Forged Handle (Puller Function, No Latch Bolt) & Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Popular Combo Handle Set Options

Convenient and Secure One-Unit Handle for Exterior Doors

Simple Interior Door Handles

Minimalist and Chic for Interior House Decor

Design Highlight


If you choose a handle without a latch bolt, we will equip the doors (exclude pivot doors) with roller catches located at the top and bottom of the side door panel, which allows you to easily close the door without needing to use the key.

Door Swing

Left Hand Inswing

If you are standing outside of the building, you PUSH the door to enter the house and the hinges are located on the left-hand side, then the door is LEFT HAND INSWING.

Left Hand Outswing

If you are standing at the door to a building, you PULL the door to enter and the hinges are on the left-hand side, then the door is LEFT-HAND OUTSWING.

Right Hand Inswing

If you are standing outside of a building, you PUSH the door to enter the house and the hinges are located on the right-hand side, then the door is RIGHT-HAND INSWING.

Right Hand Outswing

If you are standing at the door to a building, you PULL the door to enter and the hinges are on the right-hand side, then the door is RIGHT-HAND OUTSWING.

Left Hand Inswing (Active)

Flush Bolts Secure Right Door Leaf

Left Hand Outswing  (Active)

Flush Bolts Secure Right Door Leaf

Right Hand Inswing  (Active)

Flush Bolts Secure Left Door Leaf

Right Hand Outswing  (Active)

Flush Bolts Secure Left Door Leaf

Notice: Generally when you have a double door, one of the door leaf is passive the majority of the time and the other one is the main entrance door that is active. For example, when you choose the right hand, the door on the left side will be fixed/inactive. There are flush bolts to hold the inactive doors, and both door leaves can be opened if you unlock the flush bolts.

Operable Glass


The Benefit of Operable Glass <<

Our standard wrought iron entry doors with scrollworks are equipped with interior glass panels that open independently from the doors. You can open the window of the door and air will come through.

Metal Screens

>> The Benefits of Screens

The screens go in between door design and operable glass, acting as a barrier to keep bugs out of the house and let fresh air in. It is built with a one-piece magnetic iron frame that attaches to the door frame.


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