IWD Iron Wrought Doors Touching Up Guide

Clean up the part where paint have been fell down or scretched then putty filling.

Use sand paper to polish the surface

Spraying black primer(It is made of black paint and thinner on ration one by one)

Two ways antiquing process: Rush Paint and Warm Paint

Rush Paint: brush the color you need in the same direction

Antiquing Process: Warm Paint

Warm Paint: drop the color you nee don the product slightly

Paint the vanish with fleece brush

Varnish need to be mixed with thinner on ratio 5:1.

IWD Iron Wrought Doors Touch Up Kit

All our doors come with a repair kit.
The touch-up paint is placed in a small repair kit which is shipped together with your package.


P.s.: You can buy a sprayer bottle from HomeDepot or Lowes for easier operation.