9 Things to Consider When Buying Iron Entry Doors Online

by Lilian From IWD Iron Wrought Doors

Since an entry door is the first thing that visitors will see when entering your house, a beautiful front door plays an important role in making a great first impression. An iron entry door is one of the common ways to increase curb appeal and welcome guests into your home. Whether you’re considering replacing your old iron entry doors or building a new house, it is better to do some research when purchasing front doors. Here are some of the things you should think about when buying iron front doors online.


  1. Iron Styles

The natural properties of iron allow the artisans to forge it to any shape and design. Thus, you can customize the iron door to reflect your personal taste or make the iron doors to match your home’s architectural styles. There are a wide range of iron designs options on our website, browse and find your ideal iron front doors.


  1. Iron Door Size

To determine the right size of the iron doors, please measure the existing rough opening of your doorway. The rough opening should be at least 1.5 inch wider and 1 inch taller than the door frame. View our Measuring Guide for clear measurements.


  1. Iron Door Quality

One top concern of iron entry doors is their quality. Make sure to buy heavy duty iron doors that are typically made of 12-16 gauge iron. The lower the gauge, the thicker the iron. High-quality iron doors can stand up to natural elements and offer decent protection against intruders.


  1. Iron Door Energy Efficiency

An iron door with good insulation can reduce air leaks, resulting a lower energy bill. All our iron entry doors come with high-density foam insulation and multiple-pane insulated glass.


  1. Iron Door Glass Types and Lighting

Iron doors come with a wide selection of glass types for different privacy and light need. Clear glass maximizes the natural light in the daytime. The forest glass like rain or water cubic glass allows for privacy as well as natural light to enter the room. Additional glass component including sidelights and transoms helps to create a greater and brighter entryway.


  1. Iron Doors Maintenance

When choosing a new front door for your home, maintenance is also a key factor you need to pay attention to. Compared with other types of doors, iron doors require minimal maintenance and won’t chip and crack easily. Aside from the durability of iron, an operable glass panel also enable you to clean the both sides of the glass at once.


  1. Iron Doors Warranty

Another must-to-check thing when buying iron doors online is the warranty. Never choose door companies that don’t have warranty policies on their website. All iron doors purchased at ironwroughtdoors.com are backed by a 3-year warranty on the frame as well as a 2-year warranty on the finish.


  1. Iron Doors Installation

Most iron entry doors on the market are pre-hung. The pre-hung doors comes with the door frame, door slab, and other hardware. They simplify and speed up the installation of the doorway. If you are doing brand new construction, a pre-hung iron door will be a good choice. 


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