How Do I Choose Interior French Doors

by Lilian From IWD Iron Wrought Doors

Interior steel French doors have always been a classic and timeless design. They provide a simple and neat style for home, commercial office, dining room, and various hospitality-based project.
They are almost characterized by clean lines, neat frames, and large glass panels. They allow maximum natural light into your house, making your room bright and lively. Let's to say, interior steel French doors are not only practical but also tready and attractive.

There are many styles of interior steel French doors on the market, but they can be mainly boiled down to three styles, which are also popular and available on our website. Let's take a brief look at all these three styles:

Interior French Doors
Interior French doors are usually designed for simplicity. The styles generally vary by lite panel and glass type, depending on your preference or privacy requirements. Interior French single doors or double doors are all popular choices, especially for minimalist lovers.

          IWD Iron Wrought Doors Steel French Doors Interior

Interior French doors with sidelights or transom
From an aesthetic point of view, interior French doors with two sidelights or only one sidelight on the side, not only serve as decorative facade, but also provide practicability. interior French doors with sidelights allow more natural light into the room while making the door system appear wider and spacious in view. It works exactly the same way when it comes to transom, some people may like it more to have a higher door entrance rather than a solid wall. Door transom can be creative as it can be customized by your design and style preferences.

Steel Pivot French doors
With smooth movement, they offer great convenience and flexibility. A perfect pivot door gives any space a unique feel that makes a statement. Unlike traditional Interior doors, pivot interior French doors door will not lose any corner. They save space and allow small rooms to open and close the door freely. The surprising thing about the pivot interior door is that they provide people with panoramic views, creating a wider and brighter space. They surely getting more and more polular among interior door types.



We believe all this above may help you learn more about interior doors. If you have a favorite interior door style, please contact us. We won't let you down with our brilliant custom ideas.