Things You Want To Know About Pivot Doors

by Lilian From IWD Iron Wrought Doors

Pivot door has become a hot item in various door types, especially for modern and luxurious home style. Since many people are using regular hinged doors, and they may be less familiar with pivot doors. Here are some things about pivot doors you may want to know. 

Do I Choose Pivot Doors Or Hinged Doors?
Hinged doors work in most places though they may not be as special as pivot doors. They offer a better protection from weather, even though they have a limited available choice for width. Pivot doors leave people an unique impression, they provide wide openings and larger sizes. Though pivot doors cost higher than hinged doors.
In face, how to decide it is up to your preference, home design and your needs of suitable openings.

Is It Dangerous To Use A Pivot Door?
All doors have the possibility and dangerous area to squeeze your fingers. Pivot doors usually have a slower closing time which provide more time and reaction for you to avoid potential damage factors.

What Are Pivot Doors Made Of?
There are many types of materials of revolving doors for you to choose from. If you like heavy and classic wood, you may choose timber pivot doors. Or you may like steel pivot door with a large clear glass for a better view. Some of you may prefer the marble pivot doors. We mainly provide steel frame pivot doors for you, I bet you will also like their fashionable and trendy style!

How Expensive Is Pivot Door?
Normally pivot doors are expensive than regular hinged doors, though many factors may affect the price. It also depends on door size, hardware, material of the door and so on.

After all, pivot doors can be more than a practical item you need in the house. They could also be an architectural element and provide an unique artistic aesthetic feeling for the whole family.