IWD Luxury Wrought Iron Single Front Door CLID-021 Arched Top with Vine Scrollwork

Ironwroughtdoors SKU: CLID-021
wrought iron single door with arched top and scrollwork
IWD Luxury Wrought Iron Entry Doors Iron Color Samples
IWD Luxury Wrought Iron Single Front Door CLID-021 Arched Top with Vine Scrollwork - IronWroughtDoors
IWD Luxury Wrought Iron Single Front Door CLID-021 Arched Top with Vine Scrollwork - IronWroughtDoors
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IWD Wrought Iron Entry Doors Transom Design
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IWD Wrought Iron Entry Doors Foam Insulation

IWD Luxury Wrought Iron Single Front Door CLID-021 Arched Top with Vine Scrollwork

Ironwroughtdoors SKU: CLID-021
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Step into a world of unparalleled elegance with our custom high-end iron single door, a masterful display of craftsmanship featuring exquisite scrollwork and an arched top. This stunning entryway with an arched top is a testament to meticulous artistry, designed to make a lasting impression in any distinguished setting.
The arched top frames the door with grace and grandeur, offering a touch of timeless architectural splendor. Each curve and twist in the scrollwork is a testament to the artisan's skill, adding an element of intricate beauty to the door's majestic presence.
This single-door configuration provides a commanding entrance, setting the tone for a space exuding luxury and sophistication. The iron door’s seamless operation and sturdy construction not only guarantee security but also extend a warm and inviting welcome, making it a focal point of elegance for any dream home.


Material: Our wrought iron doors are handmade using heavy-duty 12-gauge steel.

Scroll-work: Standard iron entry doors come with decorative 5/8 solid steel scrollwork.

Glass: Standard 5/8 Inch double-pane insulated glass. It can be opened for great ventilation and easy cleaning. Note: The glass of french style doors is fixed.

Jamb: Our wrought iron entry doors feature standard 2" x 6" Jambs that are insulated with high-density foam for energy efficiency.

Finishes: All iron entry doors are zinc galvanized and coated with a clear lacquer to protect them from rust & corrosion.

Hardware: Doors are pre-bored for standard locking systems or 2-3/8″ backset, 2-1/8″ diameter, 5-1/2″ center to center.

Flush Bolt: There are dual T-Astragal flush bolts to hold the inactive leaf of the double doors and add extra security to the door. Both doors can be opened if you unlock the flush bolt.

Weatherstrip: Tight-fitting weather stripping is pre-installed around the door to prevent air leaks.

Hinges: Heavy-duty ball-bearing hinges that can support up to 1500 pounds.

Package Includes: iron entry, dual-pane glass, frame, threshold, door handles and locksets, weatherstrip, roller catch, door sweep, and mounting tabs.

Installation: This door is a pre-hung and pre-drilled unit, making it easy to install.

Customization: We offer opportunities for a fully customizable design to match your personal taste. If you find that the size and design you want are not listed on our website, feel free to contact us.

Notice: Due to hand-forged craftsmanship, every piece of custom-made product may look different from that picture shown. Small differences in the design and finish may occur. Please refer to the final CAD drawing. We do not consider product variances as defects.

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Door Measurement

If you are not going to reframe the rough opening or building a new house, when ordering the door, please make sure that the rough opening should be at least 1 1/2 inch wider and 1 inch taller than the door frame.

 You could refer to our iron door measuring guide. => CLICK HERE

Door Installation

Our iron doors are pre-hung doors that are very easy to install. A pre-hung door is a door unit that comes with a frame, jamb as well as hardware, and hinges. It also comes with pre-cut holes for handles and deadbolts. 

For more details of iron door installation, please download the file. => CLICK HERE

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