Is a Thermally Broken Door Necessary?

by Lilian From IWD Iron Wrought Doors

Nowadays, more and more homeowners choose iron doors to decorate their house building. But here comes a problem: since metal is an excellent thermal conductor, a great deal of heat will lose through the iron frame. For example, in the winter, iron doors without thermal break let the cold in. If you touch the door inside, the frame is as cold as facing outside. And in the summer, doors let the heat in. Similarly, the surface of the frame facing indoor is warm due to the external higher temperature. Such iron door is not energy efficient for a building. To solve the problem, thermal break is becoming a more demanding application than ever before.


What is Thermal Break and How does thermal break work?


The operating principle of a thermal break is to isolate the outside frame from the inside frame so that outdoor conditions will not affect the indoor temperature. It is like a barrier set inside a door frame. A thermal break is accomplished when a material of low thermal conductivity is placed between the two halves of the metal frame to stop energy transfer. This reduces heat conduction through the door’s metal framing and achieve energy efficiency.

IWD Iron Wrought Doors Thermal Break Door Structure

Why I need a thermally broken door?


For those who live where suffer extremely cold or hot weather, we strongly recommend thermally broken door. As we explained above, a thermal break door can well prevent cold outside in winter and resist heat in summer.

Also, without a thermal break, the humidity inside the warm house may condense on the metal frame when it becomes cold due to external low temperature. Condensation will be a disaster for those houses with wood floor. A thermal break door keeps the temperature and humidity balance and avoid condensation.

Beside, in extremely cold weather, the frame may completely freeze and hardly to open the door. A thermal break door can keep the operability and function well in harsh weather.

On the other hand, in places that get extremely hot, frames without a thermal break may conduct the heat to the inside of the frame, which might cause burns. A door equipped with a thermal break will avoid such a problem.


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